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Gosanko Chocolate Art
116 ‘A’ Street Southeast

Since 1987, Gosanko Chocolate is a family owned and operated company that has been the premier leader of unique and highly detailed solid molded chocolate. Building upon that success we expanded into the gourmet confections which include Truffles, Caramels, Clusters and Turtles just to name a few.

We attribute our success to our high quality standards and craftsmanship. It starts with our molds, they begin as a unique sculpture just for Gosanko Chocolate so the detail and uniqueness can only be found with us and nowhere else in the industry. The actual chocolate pieces are individually hand crafted, then hand wrapped and hand rubbed so the finest of detail come through. We continue with our high quality standards and craftsmanship with our gourmet confections. We use only the freshest ingredients and manufacture in small batches to ensure the freshness is passed on to our customers. Our caramels are individually hand cut, our entire gourmet confections are hand coated in chocolate and each of our truffles are individually decorated by hand.
Ronnie Roberts, Our Executive Chef Chocolatier
Our owner, Ronnie Roberts, is also our Chocolatier. As a child, Ronnie began helping his mother and grandmother in the kitchen and since then has turned his passion for chocolate into a gourmet experience that everyone can enjoy. He believes and promotes quality, customer service and community to our staff and customers.

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