Packaging Supplies

Kim’s Packaging
232 C St NW

“Save money, save time, and save the environment!”

At Kim’s Packaging, we try our best to offer our clients and partners with high-quality products for their business, events, and more! We work to establish relationship with our clients and partners to provide them with service and product satisfaction.

Our products range from plastic silverware such as spoons, forks, and knives, to personalized and custom printed plastic bags for take-out or shopping store businesses. Whether you are hosting an event or run a restaurant business, we’ve got the packaging and supplies for you. We believe with our dependable and professional service, our clients and partners are able to save valuable time and money so they can maximize their business.

With the importance of decreasing landfill from disposable products, we offer eco-friendly products here at Kim’s Packaging. As more and more companies and businesses are looking into a method of being eco-friendly, we have decided to take part in providing environmental friendly options for our packaging.

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